Did you know?

The electrical network is constantly subjected to multiple disruptions! Earth is struck, every day by about 44,000 storms resulting in significant deterioration of electrical, telephone or industrial installations. A recent study, demonstrated that electrical equipments suffers more than 120 power supply issues a month. . To reduce such risks, there is only one method:  UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

What does the UPS do?

A UPS is not just designed to reduce outages. It also serves to stabilize the voltage and eliminate electrical parasites. Its main purpose is to take over from the wall outlet power during power cuts. These appliances do not just deal with power cuts but also filtration and voltage regulation, both important functions to be overseen.

A good UPS must also ensure continual electricity supply to the appliances, as well as monitoring that the power is of a good quality. There are three parts to a UPS:

  • The rectifier: The rectifier has two functions - one is to charge the batteries in the UPS and the other is to convert the incoming power from AC to DC. Without the rectifier, the UPS would not be able to hold or output power, rendering it very useless for it's task!
  • Batteries: These are really the most important part to any uninterruptible power supply, as these hold the power when there's nothing coming from the wall. Without batteries, the UPS would function the same way your TV remote would... not at all.
  • The main UPS unit: This transforms the direct current delivered by the rectifier or the batteries into alternating current from 230 Volts to 50 Hz, identical to that of the wall outlet power. The UPS is also equipped with self-closing software: in the instance of a wall power outlet failure, this software (installed on the computer connected to the UPS) automatically closes all programs after having saved necessary items.

How can ABS help you?

Alternative Backup Solutions is the sole distributor of Infosec UPS supplies and Solar inverters. Infosec Communication SAS is a French company who has been making UPS units, power supplies and surge protectors for 25 years, so you can ensure that your important equipment stays protected in a worst-case situation.

All Infosec products & processes are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified to show premium quality and reliability. Don't risk it by using second-rate equipment!